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Tom Woodward, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor 907-252-1839

Tom Woodward, Alaska Money Coach

You are not alone. I will be there with you to listen and support you in making the changes you want to live a more rewarding life and......

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…… move beyond the stuck places in your RELATIONSHIP and in your LIFE ENERGY……

……to discover new choices and thaw the frozen patterns, cycles and thinking that have held you back.

Many of us feel stymied or as if we have no other choice than than to continue down the same path, continuing the same cycles and patterns of relating and behavior.

We can change these habits and begin to have a fulfilling relationship and successful life.

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Here are a few comments I have received from my clients:

  • I greatly appreciate the work Tom did with my wife and I.  As newlyweds, we were struggling with our relationship and did not have the communication within our relationship that we needed to effectively deal with those struggles.  Tom helped us discover the issues that were contributing to those struggles and in a very safe environment, worked with us to establish the communication we needed to address the struggles and helped us find our joy with each other again.
  • Thanks for helping us see the cycles and patterns in our relationship. Then helping us create the safety to be honest and intimate with each other.
  • I have been able to use the tools you taught to kick my anxiety in the butt.
  • Now I feel more like I belong. I do have something to contribute.
  • Thanks for listening and understanding. It is rare to have someone really listen.

Are you ready to invest in your future, feel good about yourself — and take the path to a healing journey?

Contact me so we can talk about whether counseling is the right path for you.

Tom Woodward


P.S. I will work with you in person at my office or remotely online.